CMEducation Resources, LLC is a full-service provider of innovative, integrated, multi-platform CME programs that, every month, engage more than 160,000 unique physicians and allied healthcare professionals across multiple primary care and specialty-focused disease states. As one of the most creative, technologically-advanced medical education companies in the world, we offer a unique combination of scientifically rigorous, dynamic, and innovative CME programs that have garnered 112 eHealthcare Leadership Awards over the past six years.

Melding ultra-rigorous scientific content with meticulous compliance-adherence processes and quality reviews, CMEducation programs have an established track record producing attendance record-breaking symposia and summits, the impact of which is substantiated by measurable outcomes in the domains of performance improvement, guideline adherence, and knowledge acquisition.

For the past 10 years, CMEducation's activities have galvanized motivated learners—primary care physicians, clinical specialists, investigators and leading global authorities—around educational activities that optimize the quality and effectiveness of patient care at the front lines of clinical practice.


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CME Technologies, Innovations, and Proprietary Platforms

Our Signature and Strengths

  • University and Medical School CME Certification
  • Technology-Driven Information Design
  • Innovation and Creativity in CME Programming
  • Technology-Based, Interactive Education
  • Proprietary Databases in Primary and Specialty Care
  • Cost-Effective Implementation
  • Unprecedented faculty networks and partnerships
  • Multi-Component, Integrated Platforms
  • Scientific Rigor and Expert-Generated Content
  • Metrics-Substantiated Performance Improvements
  • Meticulous Outcomes-Focused Reporting
  • Impact-Generating Strategies
  • Strategic Partnerships with Associations
  • Meticulous, Compliance-Adherence Processes
  • Three-Tier Regional Mega-Summits